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Frist Post

Category: Notices
30 Mar 2012
Written by Cobaltfish

Yes, that's a deliberate mistake....

I've ignored my website for far too long, with it mostly being used so that I could host my email, but this is going to change!  Rather than the experimentation into php and an under developed implementation of a home made cms (that I suspect Bobby could have had fun with)

Which then begs the question what do I do with it...

I've decided to go with some kind of blog format, and as part of the challenge of keeping my blog filled and active, I shall try and get involved with a 365 day photo challenge.  I've had a DSLR for a few years, but sometimes it could be weeks without being used for anything, which is a bit of a waste.  There will be other asides, most likely of a techy nature, given that I work as a sys admin

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