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Media Centre Upgrades

Category: Notices
08 Jan 2013
Written by Andy

After a close call the other day with my media server/pc (which caused me to take the picture here: Computer Failure by Andy Rogers · 365 Project) I've realised how close I am to having un-recoverable data.  Although the disk array inside the box is raid 5, its using the nvidia "hardware" raid. I didnt realise until after I filled it, that nvidia raid with linux is actually more like "I wish it was raid" with no way to trigger rebuilds etc.

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2013-a new year

Category: Notices
03 Jan 2013
Written by Cobaltfish

Well, here we are in 2013.  I cant help but wonder how the year will shape out.  Busy is one thing that I'm certain it will be, as I've already found myself booked for one thing or another all weekends of at least one month already.

As I write this blog post, I find myself thinking of goals or intentions to make note of for the coming year. Perhaps before I do so, I should put down some thoughts on my last year

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Frist Post

Category: Notices
30 Mar 2012
Written by Cobaltfish

Yes, that's a deliberate mistake....

I've ignored my website for far too long, with it mostly being used so that I could host my email, but this is going to change!  Rather than the experimentation into php and an under developed implementation of a home made cms (that I suspect Bobby could have had fun with)

Which then begs the question what do I do with it...

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To Do

Category: Notices
30 Mar 2012
Written by Andy

Here, in no particular order, is a list of things I need to or intend to do to the site

  1. Apply themes/templates of some sort [no longer default]
  2. Test and install modules for linking into other media, such as:
    • flickr [am importing my photostream via rss]
    • picasa / google+
    • Facebook [rss grafiti to pull in feed,, and using the joomla built in module for syndication on pages]
  3. Get to grips with menus and content postitioning
  4. Import old content (for what little it may be worth)
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