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Our Route to caravanning

Category: Caravanning
15 Feb 2018
Written by Andy Hits: 2641

So why caravanning? We all know how frustrating it is being stuck behind an HGV or someone towing.

Hannah and I first tasted some of the freedom of the mobile lifestyle when we borrowed her parents motorhome.  Its a lovely vehicle, and is under 3.5T maximum laden weight, so no extra driving tests for LGV.

But borrowing wasn't ideal, as we would have to make 2 hour drive down to them, before we then could unload our car, load our dogs in and then get on our way.  And the same was true at the end of a holiday too. Not insurmountable, but we wanted some freedom for ourselves.

In January 2017 we embarked on our biggest adventure yet.  We flew to the North Island for 2 weeks of holiday in a motorhome.

I could talk for a long time about that trip, but I'll try and summarise with a few photos:

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Category: Caravanning
08 Feb 2018
Written by Andy Hits: 5389

CaravanningYes, I have become one of those most hated by Top Gear aficionados.  A caravanner!  Last February, before the big show in Birmingham, and negotiated a deal on a dealer special

Eventually in July, our 'van had been built and arrived. A Swift Lifestyle 4EB, based on the Sprite Major 4EB

Swift Caravan

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