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Easter 2019

Category: Caravanning
19 Apr 2020
Written by Andy Hits: 3316

Carrying on the recap of last years tours. we were able to get away for a few days at Easter last year. With the current pandemic, this years Easter camping was held on our driveway!

This was another return to Slate Hall Farm CL, which we have stayed at a number of times now.

We had a day to ourselves, and met up with family at Hylands Estate park.  It was somewhere approximately in the middle for all of us, saving overly long drives for all, and with warm spring sunshine we were able to exercise the dogs, and enjoy the gardens and the play area with the family.

Over the rest of the weekend we spent time with friends from all over the country that were visiting for the weekend for an event at a near by church.  The weather was really warm, so our little one had her bath time in the awning rather than in the caravan! Certainly less damage could be done when things got splashy!

It really did feel like summer, and we were glad to enjoy walks across the fields.  However, we were mindful of the wildlife, as there are plenty of deer in the area, so did not wish to have the dogs chasing them!

 I took one of my favourite caravan pictures while there.  My daughter was looking out of the window at the next door 'van, and the dogs decided to join her.  I took a photo from inside, but before the moment passed, popped outside and opened the window wide to get a better angle:

On the Sunday we had lunch at a friends house in a nearby village.  A post lunch walk beside the village river was enjoyed by all, ensuring the dogs got some exercise and stimulation.

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