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SafeFill Experience

Category: Caravanning
19 Mar 2020
Written by Andy Hits: 3521

Our experiences with a refillable gas bottle

SafeFill 10kg lpg

We've had it nearly a year now, and I've got to say, we have had no problems.  Morrisons are a filling partner for SafeFill, and have a station with lpg which I can pass on my way to and from work.  What is also nice is that they have AdBlue on pump there too, primarily for HGVs, but our tow car has adblue, and seems to use a lot more when towing. I actually had someone on the checkout tell me to put the carton down, and take the car to the pump, as it was cheaper!
So the routine before going away is to collect the gas bottle, and take the tow car into work, and get it full to the brim of diesel, adblue and fill the gas bottle too.

One of my previous cars was an LPG hybrid, so filling it is nothing too new to me. 
It has an internal valve, which if no pigtail is connected, prevents gas flowing out, and as ever, when disconnecting the filler nozzle, there is a small amount of discharge

The bottle is nominal capacity of 10kg, with a tare of 5.57, meaning when full, it weighs about 15kg, and provides 10kg of gas.  For a traditional metal cylinder. for a similar total weight, you get only 6kg of gas, so almost twice as much!  This has been useful when the 240v internal fuse blew on our caravan heater while away for a couple of weeks, and also over the new year.  The dealer wasn't local to our campsite, and mobile caravan repairers were hesitant, as it was technically a warranty job.  So we just switched heating to gas, and got the fuse replaced at the next opportunity 

10kg of lpg equates to about 19L as measured by the pump.  With it being about 60p/l, fully filling it is only about £10, yet for 6kg of propane, it was more like £25, so I'm sure its cost effective

Size wise, the largest size they do, 10kg just about fits in the front gas locker of current caravan, which is made by Swift:

If there is a place near by that offers lpg, and you do use gas often, or camp throughout the year, then I would recommend them to you: SafeFill
I also hasten to add, that unlike some of the adaptors available on your favourite market place or auction site, these are safe and legal to refill, as they have a shut off valve that works like in a water cistern, that when by volume the LPG is about 80%, it prevents it from filling, and the lpg pump will shut off

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