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Family Tour 2018 Day 13-14 - Day 14

Category: Caravanning
14 Mar 2019
Written by Andy Hits: 3705

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Day 14:  05/10/2018, Lochmaben to Coventry (253 miles)

Our big push south.  After this day, we would be mostly headed east.  We left fairly promptly, as the plan was to stop by my brothers house to catch up with him there for dinner in the evening in Coventry, having stopped by Preston at for a while at my sisters place for morning coffee and/or lunch.  We soon passed Grenta Green, and carried on south.  Progress was really good. and we made it down to Preston by 11 am.  There was a nice big bit of on street parking outside the house, with enough room to get tucked in close to the kerb without blocking anyone's way.  After a nice long break from driving there, we negotiated our way out of the estate and continued south on the M6.  It was my first experience of the M6 Toll, and our Caravan Club membership gave us discount, so that we paid the price for a car, rather than car and trailer, saving about £4.  Not much, but still worth taking.  Our destination was Maxstoke Hall Farm.  When we got there we were very impressed.  The field is large, with plenty of space to pitch up, without feeling like your caravan will be touching the neighbours awning.  There was a dedicated dog walk area under some trees, and being there in early October, some of the autumnal colours were beginning to come through.  I didn't get round to taking pictures, but it is a site I could easily see myself going back to for much more than a single night stop over.  Sadly I didn't get round to taking any photos of the site

Dinner at my brothers was good too, with one of the funniest moments being from one of my nephews, who, aged 2.5 sneezed, and then said "Bless me".

Equally, my brother, having lived in Coventry for about 20 years, as we described the lovely camp site said "you don't have to go far from Coventry to find somewhere nice".  A city is a city as far as I'm concerned.  They all have their downsides, but it is good being out in the countryside.

Back at the caravan, we enjoyed our last sleep of the holiday, before the final drive home in the morning.

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