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Family Tour 2018 Day 9-10 - Day 9

Category: Caravanning
28 Feb 2019
Written by Andy Hits: 10280

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Day 9: 30/09/2018, Inverness (36 miles)

A quiet day today, starting off with a visit with our friends to their church, which was out in Culloden.  We headed back to their house for lunch, and while we waited for things to finish cooking, I got taken bird hunting watching.  I was lent some camo gear, and got my biggest lens out, a 170-500mm and stalked up to the unsuspecting birds with much success.  Even to the point that I was closer than the minimum focus distance!

Once the bird feeders were re-stocked, the birds came thick and fast:

There were a few spots where sunflower seeds could be tucked away to encourage "natural" looking shots where the birds were encouraged to perch for food:

Chaffinches were easier to get, as they tended to stay for a few moments to eat the seed, where as Coal Tits would land for just long enough to pick up a seed, and then fly off somewhere safe to eat.

GoldCrests could be heard in the tree tops, and once in a while a sparrowhawk tried its luck for getting a meal.

We also made sure we were ready for our journey to Skye the next morning, as we were not sure how many good opportunities there were fill up away from Inverness, and it is so much easier when driving solo

In the evening there was much fun as my 9 month old daughter was doing something, and waiting to be mimicked by our friends before doing another action and waiting to be copied! She also was taking advantage of quite a bit of solid flooring to practice bottom shuffling, as it was easier for her to move on than carpet!

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