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Our caravan

Category: Caravanning
22 Feb 2018
Written by Andy Hits: 2349

So here are details of our caravan.

Its layout is described as a single axle, centre washroom, rear island bed.

In english, it means, only 1 pair of wheels, and rather than having beds that have to be made up by re-arranging the back-rest of seats and such like, at the rear, is a nearly full sized double bed.  Between that bedroom and the front of the van is a bathroom with shower and toilet.

The diagram in the brochure was this:

Swift Lifestyle 4 EB

We initially thought we liked the idea of a rear washroom with a transverse island bed, that is the "master bedroom" as such connecting to the main living area, and the washroom being right at the back of the caravan.
The bed isn't so long, but often can be extended.  In the caravans we looked at (mostly on paper, but we did take a trip to the caravan and motorhome show at NEC, Birmingham) we quickly came to the conclusion that it was less than ideal for a few reasons

  1. Bed length.  I am under 6ft tall, but as the beds have curved ends, my feet were nearly over the end
  2. Bathroom location. We wanted to be future proof, as we hoped (and have) started a family.  With the bed in night mode, the gap at the end, especially with a duvet on the end is small. Children squeezing past would be problematic
  3. Bedroom separation.  We have 2 dogs, and the partition between bedroom and lounge is just a (heavy duty) curtain. It was easy to see the dogs trying to push under it or something like that

We actually changed our mind while at the caravan shop, and although the exact model we decided to get wasn't in stock, similar ones from Swift were, making it an easier decision

So the technical specs:

Berths 4
Axles 1
Internal Length 5.83m/19’2’’
Width 2.23m/7’4’’
Height 2.68m/8’9’’
Internal Height 1.95m/6’5’’
Overall Length 7.48m/ 24’ 6”
Mass in Running Order 1303kg
Maximum Technically Permitted Laden Mass 1459kg
Payload 156kg
Front Bed (Double) 202cmx159cm/ 6’8” x 5’3”
Front Bed (2x single) 159cm x 72cm/ 5’3” x 2’4”
Rear Bed (Double) 190cm x 133cm/ 6’3” x 4’4”

It also is well equipped. Swift Command system allows remote access to the control panel to turn on heating of water and air, control lighting, and to check on internal and external temperature, look at levels of water (if fitted with tanks), and check on power consumption and battery health.  The app also allows bluetooth control of the same functions

The heating is a dual fuel (mains) electric and gas truma blown air system, putting out up to 6kw of heat.  Apparently that is good enough to keep it at about +20C inside, while its -15C outside.  The winter hasn't been anywhere near cold enough to test that out!

The list of nice stuff goes on. Flyscreens on blinds, LED lighting, some of it dimmable. Oven with separate grill, decent sized 3-way fueled fridge.  Well deserving of being our home away from home

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