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Creating Pidgin MSI

Category: Techie
12 Feb 2013
Written by Andy Hits: 13115

The main office IM tool is currently msn messenger. With its shutdown forthcoming, alternatives were needed.  A jabber service has been set up, but a client still needed to be deployed to all the end users.  We already deploy updates for flash, adobe reader, java etc via msi files.  Currently, there are no official pidgin msi files, but it is my preferred client.

Download this file (pidgin-2.10.7.wxs)Pidgin WXS file[Download my installer for pidgin 2.10.7 which this article is based on]436 kB

Recovering Bitlocker partition

Category: Techie
26 Jan 2013
Written by Andy Hits: 32559

The Problem:

During the week, one of the work laptops had its HD fail.  I got called through as the machine was trying to to a system recovery / restore, and my colleague was worried. 

After disabling the auto reboot on system crash, I got a nice BSOD, and figured that it was going to need some work.  After providing a pool laptop so he could get emails and such like I got to work on the broken one

Server 2008 Event viewer not starting

Category: Techie
04 Jan 2013
Written by Andy Hits: 5938

Yep, although I like using linux, here's another windows related techie article.

On one of the DCs at work, I'd noticed errors on startup for the windows Server Manager window, but not really looked into it, as I'd not needed to use it for anything.

Today while trying to update the xen server tools on it, they wouldn't run, so I tried to open event viewer, only to get a nice error saying that:

MMC could not create the snap-in.
Name: Event Viewer
CLSID: FX:{b05566ad-fe9c-7a4cbb7cb510}

A quick google showed a few people with the same problem, with various suggestions, including using windows feature control to remove .net framework. This wasnt an option, as this also was having the same problem of loading up.  However, a bit more looking around, and on the microsoft social.technet I found the suggestion to reset the machine.config file to defaults in C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\CONFIG\  I did this by renaming machine.config to machine.config.old, then copying machine.config.default to machine.config.

There was no need to reboot, as the event viewer mmc opened up without problems.  The xen tools install I was trying to do also worked fine, so I wonder if both problems were related

Creating additional volumes on Readynas

Category: Techie
13 Jan 2013
Written by Andy Hits: 6550

When I fired up my Readynas nv+ v2, I didnt have a copy of the RAIDar admin tool running, so it defaulted to creating an xraid2 volume.  This was fine, apart from after the 2x 1TB disks were initialised, I couldnt add the 2 500GB disks from my old box.  This is my account of how I (hopefully) create a 2nd volume

Deploying Adobe Reader

Category: Techie
11 Apr 2012
Written by Andy Hits: 3116

Every quarter, adobe get round to releasing their latest security updates for Adobe Reader.  To roll them out across the network, rather than going to each individual workstation, and logging in/running as an admin we deploy as much as we can with msi files.  However, only the major versions of adobe reader come as a stand alone msi file, the rest are msp files, which patch the version to be the latest.

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