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365 Project

The most recent uploads to 365 Project from Andy Rogers
  1. 2016-05-28 - The green woods

    Andy Rogers posted a photo:

    2016-05-28 - The green woods

    there are too little bits of woodland along our more regular dog walk routes. This one we have nicknamed the green woods, rather than the dark woods, as it has pretty little clearings...

  2. 2016-04-16 - Wedding Dress

    Andy Rogers posted a photo:

    2016-04-16 - Wedding Dress

    After a celebration of our wedding with friends that weren't able to make it down to the official ceremony, we had a spur of the moment photo shoot at home

  3. 2016-04-09 - The empty church

    Andy Rogers posted a photo:

    2016-04-09 - The empty church

    On our wedding day, just before people started arriving. There may be some honeymoon photos on here soon, as I didn't use my phone or camera for the rest of the day...

  4. 2015-11-28 - Jools Holland

    Andy Rogers posted a photo:

    2015-11-28 - Jools Holland

    My first ever experience of the Royal Albert Hall, and a great concert too

  5. 2015-11-12 - New Home

    Andy Rogers posted a photo:

    2015-11-12 - New Home

    After months of waiting, the chain completed, and my Fiance and I got the keys and were able to try the fire place out in our new home

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